In the months of July through September, Pakistan’s top trading partner is still China

ISLAMABAD- China remained Pakistan’s top commercial partner for the first quarter (July-September) of the current fiscal year (2022-23) despite a 30.67% fall in bilateral trade, according to the Ministry of Commerce. According to data, the volume of bilateral commerce decreased to $3.952 billion in Q1 of the current fiscal year from $5.701 billion in Q1 […]

SCODA institutional innovation to promote commerce between Pakistan and China

Institutional Innovation Cases was the topic of a symposium organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Area (SCODA) in Qingdao (Gwadar Pro). At the press briefing, 20 business examples were distributed centrally. In order to gradually enhance reciprocal recognition of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) with relevant SCO nations and SCO countries, SCODA announced a collaboration […]

SUGS: Chinese firms to be invited to JVs

According to knowledgeable sources within the Ministry of Planning, Development, and Special Initiatives, Pakistan will extend an invitation to Chinese businesses to collaborate with Pakistani businesses in proposed Joint Ventures (JVs) for the construction and operation of Strategic Underground Gas Storages (SUGS). This proposal will be included in the draught minutes of the upcoming, soon-to-be-held […]

Increased investment by Speedaf Express in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Speedaf Express, a prominent courier and logistics provider in China, has expressed a desire to increase operations and investments in Pakistan. In this regard, Asim Ayub, Project Director of China- Pakistan Economic Corridor Industrial Cooperation Development Project (CPEC-ICDP), met with Zhong Weijun, General Manager of Speedaf Express in Pakistan, and Yang Guangming, Attaché Commercial […]

Government will issue bonds to raise $7 trillion

KARACHI: Over the next three months, the government hopes to raise more than Rs7 trillion by offering a variety of short- and long-term sovereign bonds to financial institutions (October-December). This is in reaction to the destruction brought on by the floods and the requirement to raise more funds to deal with their aftershocks. By issuing […]

130 businesses will attend the 6th Pakistan Industrial Expo from China and Pakistan

LAHORE: On October 15–17, Lahore will play host to the 6th Pakistan Industrial Expo, which will include over 130 businesses from China and Pakistan. Engineering agricultural machinery, CNC engraving and machine tool equipment, hardware tools, building supplies, alternative energy, auto, and motorcycle parts, etc. will all be on display. Pakistan Everest International Exhibition Company introduced […]

Rupee best performing currency

The erratic rupee of Pakistan, which achieved the highest rise of 3.9% over five working days to Rs 219,924 to the dollar on anticipation of substantial inflows of foreign cash, was dubbed the “world’s greatest performing currency” in the week that concluded on Friday. In a brief analysis of currency movements, Tahir Abbas, Head of […]

Pakistani startups raise $328m

Despite several instances of Pakistani companies failing, businesspeople were still able to obtain $328 million in funding in the first nine months of 2022. Despite increased investor skepticism brought on by geopolitical unrest and growing concerns about a global economic downturn, Pakistani entrepreneurs collected $328 million in total in the first nine months of 2022. […]

A Weekly Review of the Pakistani Securities Market, CEI Information

Market performance Index Overview Industry Index Performance of individual stocks Top 10 weekly gain & drop Top 10 weekly trading volume Top 10 weekly turnover rate  Important news According to Syed Amin-ul-Haque, Pakistan is becoming a key hub for the top IT talent and international IT firms in terms of time zones, according to a […]