130 businesses will attend the 6th Pakistan Industrial Expo from China and Pakistan

LAHORE: On October 15–17, Lahore will play host to the 6th Pakistan Industrial Expo, which will include over 130 businesses from China and Pakistan. Engineering agricultural machinery, CNC engraving and machine tool equipment, hardware tools, building supplies, alternative energy, auto, and motorcycle parts, etc. will all be on display.

Pakistan Everest International Exhibition Company introduced the Pakistan Industrial Expo in 2017, and it has since been hosted five times. One of the attractions of this year’s expo, according to Fa Wenyan, General Manager of Everest, is the industry’s wider scope. Examples include laser cutting machines, CNC machine tools, bearings, agricultural gear, etc., and a more varied product line.

The Pakistan Industrial Expo was a pioneer in the use of an “online and offline” mode combination to address the effects of the pandemic. It addressed the problems that businesses couldn’t get out, customers couldn’t get in, and samples couldn’t be handled by using “unified transportation, unified exhibition layout, offline display, and online bargaining.” The exhibit will mark the first “online and offline” physical exhibition to be presented in South Asia during the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020.

The Department of Commerce of Shandong Province, the Department of Commerce of Henan Province, and other Chinese government agencies, as well as the Pakistan-China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Pakistan SME Development Authority, Sargodha Furniture Association, and other organizations, are supporting the 6th exhibition, which will continue to be held in a hybrid “online and offline” mode.