SCODA institutional innovation to promote commerce between Pakistan and China

Institutional Innovation Cases was the topic of a symposium organized by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Demonstration Area (SCODA) in Qingdao (Gwadar Pro). At the press briefing, 20 business examples were distributed centrally. In order to gradually enhance reciprocal recognition of Authorized Economic Operators (AEO) with relevant SCO nations and SCO countries, SCODA announced a collaboration with Pakistan, Uzbekistan, and other SCO countries. Business operations may be intensified using

A “green” pass for international trade is the authorization to operate as an authorized economic operator (AEO). Mutual recognition agreements between nations (regions) can benefit AEO businesses by lowering the cost of port services, insurance, and logistics while also enhancing their ability to compete globally.

The conference discussed issues relating to logistics and transportation, productivity cooperation, exchange of scientific and technological achievements, and free movement of people, and also released innovative cases to facilitate financing, promote trade facilitation, and increase the level of economic and trade cooperation between SC countries. It also promoted AEO mutual recognition and trade development in collaboration with the SCOM.

On this occasion, Meng Qingsheng, a member of the Party Working Committee and the Deputy Director of the SCODA Administrative Committee, emphasized that these concerns are intended to address difficulties with the economic and trade cooperation between the SCO and BRI nations. must be done to start more than 50 system innovation cases overall. Several notable and significant institutional innovations have been made, and several innovative systems have been improved. Innovating bilateral investment and trade policies among SCO nations will be accelerated through pilot initiatives.