Launch of “Cafe Tourism” in Gwadar

In accordance with the principles of Gwadar’s initial tourism plan under the Smart Port City Master Plan, Gwadar cafe tourism has begun.

After two Gwadar residents, Fahad Ishaq and Qadeer transformed their family boat into a cafe, the first of its kind in the area of Gwadar city, cafe tourism has taken off, astonishing and thrilling locals and visitors alike. A cafe is present.

After the boat’s engine malfunctioned, it was left unattended for a while. It has since undergone renovations and been transformed into an exotic “Cafe Boat” with the official name “Pedizar Cafe,” which draws tourists from all around Pakistan. Observing.

A social activist named Rahim Baloch told Gwadar Pro that this is yet another accomplishment for the young people of Gwadar who have already shown their ability to boost cafe tourism in the private sector.

The old shipyard along Marine Drive in the Pedizar neighborhood is home to Cafe Boat, which helped launch the cafe tourism industry in Gwadar.

The Pedizar Café’s manager, Shay Mukhtar, revealed in an exclusive interview with Gwadar Pro that the cafe could initially accommodate 150 guests with tea, snacks, fish, and regional cuisine. He continued by saying that the majority of people favor S Cafe for galas, special occasions, birthday celebrations, and high tea gatherings. The boat’s modification and renovation both cost around Rs. 15 million.

According to him, the three-story cafe invites both locals and visitors from abroad. Zafar Elahi, a local client, claimed that Padizar Café is quickly evolving into the best hangout spot in Gwadar. In a scenario where we have very limited opportunity to enjoy leisure activities, especially food, he continued, it is like a breath of fresh air.

Climates, several regional dialects, numerous ethnic groups, pristine waterways, unusual beaches, enormous mud flats, valuable minerals, the most stunning Arabian Sea, and locals abound in Gwadar.

Gwadar is located in the promising country of Balochistan on a headland made of natural rocks. The city is situated on a 12-kilometer-long, narrow, sandy strip that connects Pakistan to the Gwadar Peninsula or Koh Batal, an Arabian Sea reef.

Gwadar would be adorned with leisure tourism, resort tourism, cultural tourism, festival tourism, eco-tourism, and many other types of tourism, according to the new suggested tourist strategy for the city. The Balochistan administration has already established a “special police,” where 20 or more officers would be stationed at picnic areas throughout the region to assist tourists.

The Gwadar Safe City Project has developed the Special Tourist Police. Local and foreign tourists will be guided and helped by the Gwadar Tourist Police. For greater enforcement and visitor convenience, the government has given the Tourist Police vehicles and equipment.