CPEC is boosting Pakistan economy

  Syed Kamal Hussain Shah     China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will pass through the beautiful Gilgit-Baltistan province in the north which will connect Kashgar in China’s western province Xinjiang to rest of the world through Chinese-operated Gwadar port in the country’s south. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a 3,218 kilometer long route, to be built over […]

“Chinese Support To Overcome The Energy Crisis Is Remarkable”: Analysts

PM expresses satisfaction over the pace of work on the energy projects and said that the present government is effectively diversifying the energy mix of the country to overcome the energy shortfall. He was chairing a meeting on energy projects in the country in Islamabad today. PM said it is encouraging that all the ongoing […]

An Introduction to CPEC

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik Facts to know, points to ponder Chinese diplomat Zhao Lijian, gave a free and frank yet an enlightening presentation on the introduction of the CPEC at the Institute of Strategic Studies Islamabad on 14 July. His approach was critical like a university professor unlike giving a government-sponsored viewpoint. The presentation turned […]

CPEC: Stay the course

By Masood Khan The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is on track. To recap, the CPEC has 1+4 components – the Corridor itself plus the Gwadar Port, infrastructure development, energy and industrial cooperation. The mega-project is being implemented under the watch of the Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC) comprising China’s National Development Reform Commission and Pakistan’s Planning, […]

Chahbahar and Gwadar

Ikram Sehgal  What a coincidence of history that Alexander the Great 2500 years ago followed roughly the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) down the Indus before marching west along the coast to Tiz (later renamed Tis), an ancient port between Chahbahar and Gwadar. The recent tripartite India-Iran-Afghanistan transit trade agreement envisages Chahbahar countering CPEC’s being an […]

Is Chabahar a danger to Pakistan?

ndia and Iran recently inked the Chabahar Pact, sending alarm bells ringing in Pakistan. Located at the Sistan-Baluchistan province lying to the southern coast of Iran, it offers great strategic pathway to India, easily bypassing Pakistan. The route allows outreach to Afghanistan, a land locked country. For India, transport costs and freight time will approximately […]

Army Chief’s categorical assurance on CPEC

IT is commitment of the Government of Pakistan and the entire nation to accomplish all aspects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as it is deeply linked to progress and prosperity of the country. However, in the backdrop of some security concerns and the propaganda campaign against the gigantic project, the assurance of the Army Chief, […]

Nexus against CPEC

Majid Khan In 1983, Pakistan’s Army serving officer, Major Nabi Ahmed was arrested for spying, later disclosed that he was an Indian national and his original name was Ravinder Kaushik. Mr Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan in 1952. He was a young smart guy, picked up by Indian intelligence agency, RAW. During his training […]

Why India is worried about China’s ambitious One Belt One Road initiative

Kabir Taneja China’s much talked about One Belt One Road or OBOR initiative is causing some unease in the power corridors of New Delhi as Beijing’s ambitious $1 trillion project starts to take shape. Announced in 2013 by Chinese president Xi Jinping, the OBOR project, which will bolster China’s economic and geopolitical footprint, has challenged […]

CPEC and jobs

Turbat: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will play a vital role to bolster, not only the economy of Pakistan, but also to enhance the economy of China. It is the biggest project in Pakistan. Its significance can be observed through frequent news articles about the subject. The strategy of establishing industries is required to avail […]