The ambassador of Pakistan to the United Nations said that China’s modernization efforts serve as a role model and inspiration for developing nations

Recently, in an exclusive interview with China Daily in New York, Pakistan’s ambassador to the UN, Munir Akram, stated: “China’s growth strategy has been successful. It is an economic miracle that more than 700 million people have been lifted out of poverty.” He expressed his sincere congratulations on the productive start of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, noting that China had made great strides in modernization, poverty reduction, and other areas, set an example for developing nations, clarified the development path, and is a role model that developing nations can imitate.

The “G77 and China” alliance, named after its 77 founding members and today made up of 134 developing nations, also has Akram serving as its rotating chairman. He claimed that emerging nations are very interested in learning from China’s experience in reducing poverty. For emerging nations, this is the most logical solution. The majority of developing nations, he said, are China’s close allies and have positive economic and commercial ties with her.

In the interview, Akram asserted that the world community requires a development paradigm that can address both the structural problems associated with social and economic development as well as those associated with climate change. He said, “China’s model of pursuing growth in harmony with the environment is an important example for the globe.” China has promised to work toward reaching carbon neutrality by 2060 and has vowed to peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030. Over the previous ten years, China’s carbon emission intensity has decreased by 34.4%.

“We must encourage the use of renewable energy and other sustainable energy sources to reduce carbon emissions. Additionally, we must adjust to the effects of climate change. Many underdeveloped nations are already feeling the effects of climate change, as seen by the recent floods in Pakistan, according to Akram. Say. The fundamental tenet that all upcoming development initiatives must adhere to is China’s suggestion to encourage harmonious development with nature.

China offers other nations global growth possibilities as it progresses toward modernization. Chinese modernization, according to the Communist Party of China’s 20th National Congress report, “is a modernization that follows the road of peaceful development.” China has the capacity to support the development of many developing nations. China is in an excellent position to provide both an example and a chance for emerging nations to accelerate (development) in a sensible and balanced manner, Akram continued.

According to international observers, China’s modernization strategy stimulates other nations to pursue their development strategies and motivates people all around the world to work for a brighter future. According to Akram, this combination of state-led growth with the advantages of market-led growth is what distinguishes China’s economic model.