Economists and journalists: Reinvigorating globalization with pragmatism

On January 16, CGTN held an online forum – Insights & Impact: Emerging toether form the pandemic. Joined by six internaitonla journalists and econmists from five continents, the panel discussed China’s COVID-19 policy adjustments and the outlook for the international community after this change. The consensus: The world is changing, and the international community needs […]

Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Project in Pakistan

The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami Program (TBTTP) is a four-year (2019-2023) project of the Pakistani government with a total cost of US$8.032 billion. The overall objective is to restore Pakistan’s forest and wildlife resources, improve the overall level of conservation in existing protected areas; encourage ecotourism, community engagement and job creation through conservation. The Prime […]

Initiative of international cooperation on resilient and stable industrial and supply chains

Build resilient and stable global industrial and supply chains Strengthening the resilience and stability of global industrial and supply chains could help support economic recovery of all countries, ensure the smooth running of the world economy and improve the wellbeing of humanity. In this regard, the People’s Republic of China, the Republic of Chile, the […]

The SCO Samarkand Summit: Dialogue and Cooperation in an Interconnected World

Uzbekistan’s chairmanship in the SCO has fallen on a dynamic period, fraught with various events and trends – the period of the «historical rift», when one era comes to an end and another begins – thus far unpredictable and unknown. The modern system of international cooperation, based on the universal principles and norms, begins to […]

China beats Pakistan 3-0 as men’s volleyball team advances to Asian Cup semi-finals

On the afternoon of August 11, 2022, in the first round of the 2022 Men’s Volleyball Asian Cup Group F quarter-final held in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand, the Chinese men’s volleyball team defeated the Pakistan team 3-0 and advanced to the semi-finals. In the second stage of the quarter-finals, Group F consists of Iran, Pakistan, China, […]

Chinese companies help Pakistan’s new energy transportation system

“The driving experience of this bus is very good!” Since last year, Ahmed, a BRT bus driver in Peshawar, Pakistan, has driven a plug-in hybrid bus made in China. These electric buses are produced by Chinese companies. They start smoothly and the automatic transmission is fast and convenient. The buses are also equipped with heating […]

Pakistan reaffirms support on One-China policy

According to a report from the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) on August 3, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan issued a statement reiterating that Pakistan firmly adheres to the One-China policy and firmly supports China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the evolution of the situation in […]

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan issues Renewed Security Reminders to Citizens

Chinese Embassy in Pakistan issues new Security Reminders to citizens

On Thursday 26th May, The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan issued renewed security reminders to Chinese citizens in Pakistan. The reminders goes on as below: “Recently, the security situation in Pakistan is severe and complicated. The Chinese Embassy in Pakistan reminds Chinese citizens, enterprises and projects in Pakistan to attach great importance to security, strengthen communication […]