<strong>The seminar on high-definition television technology for developing countries Successfully Started</strong>

On November 9, 2022, the “2022 High Definition Television Technology Seminar for Developing Countries”, sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China and organized by the National Radio and Television Administration, was successfully launched. This 20 day training course was attended by nearly 100 media elites from 9 developing countries, including […]

Good news! Perpetrators of Confucius attack in Pakistan apprehended

As we all know, China and Pakistan are full of profound friendship in both official and non-governmental cooperation, but there are always some anarchic organizations who want to destroy the relationship between China and Pakistan. Some time ago, a suicide bombing attack on the Confucius Institute in Pakistan killed three people in the terrorist attack. Pakistani […]

Pakistan proposes CPEC to be a trilateral project

Recently, Pakistan proposed to China that the CPEC project should be a trilateral project enhancing cooperation with Turkey. Pakistan’s Federal minister of planning and development Ahsan Iqbal said Pakistani premier proposed of making Turkey an integral part in the CPEC project so that China, Pakistan and Turkey can benefit from it and in turn strengthen […]

IMF and Pakistan expected to reach agreement to resume loan programs to Pakistan

According to Agency France-Presse, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said on the 14th of July that it had reached an agreement with Pakistan to resume a plan to provide Pakistan with a loan of 1.17 billion US dollars. An IMF statement said Pakistan urgently needs international support for its economy. Policies agreed to by Pakistan and […]

Five working days for Pakistanis

On June 7, the Pakistani cabinet approved the energy-saving plan, which stipulates that the working hours per week will be reduced from 6 to 5 days to reduce energy consumption According to a Reuters report on June 7, Pakistan is experiencing economic difficulties, the rupee has hit a record low against the dollar, and the […]

Bus in Pakistan crashes carrying Chinese nationals

At least 22 people were killed when a bus crashed into a valley in Pakistan’s southwestern Baluchistan province on June 8.According to local media reports, the bus carrying about 25 people was involved in an accident in the Qila Saifula area of ​​Baluchistan. According to Mohammad Qasim, the deputy commissioner of the Qila saifula region, the […]

Pakistan likely to impose super tax on Commercial banks

According to Pakistan’s “Express Tribune” a news agency on June 7th , citing government sources, the Pakistani government may increase the super tax of commercial banks by 3 percentage points to 7%, and pay more attention to the profits generated from loans to the government. Pakistan levied a one-time super tax of 4% and 3% on […]

China to assist Pakistan in attaining efficient and stable energy supply

Few days ago, reporters of a Chinese news outlet visited the Lahore energy station of Pakistan’s Matiari-Lahore DC transmission line project, and what caught his eye was the 500 kV AC field generator composed of different marvelous parts representing the ingenuity of modern engineering architectures. 23 Chinese employees and 38 Pakistani employees stick to the […]

Pakistani security forces operation against terrorists in KPK province

Pakistani security forces kill 7 terrorists in KPK Province operation On June 5, the Ministry of Inter services public relations issued a statement saying that the Pakistani security forces carried out two separate operations in North Waziristan and Banu areas of KPK Province, killing seven terrorists and seizing large cache of Weapons and ammunition