Projects authorized for Rs. 600 billion

The federal cabinet on Friday authorized 12 large-scale development projects for Rs 600 billion despite a limited economic outlook and the withdrawal of energy subsidies for the general public. These projects, which mostly pertain to the energy and communications sectors, were authorized by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (Ecnec) at its meeting, […]

Rupee best performing currency

The erratic rupee of Pakistan, which achieved the highest rise of 3.9% over five working days to Rs 219,924 to the dollar on anticipation of substantial inflows of foreign cash, was dubbed the “world’s greatest performing currency” in the week that concluded on Friday. In a brief analysis of currency movements, Tahir Abbas, Head of […]

UN General Assembly passes resolution in support of Pakistani citizens affected by floods

On July 7, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution supporting the Pakistani government and the flood-stricken Pakistani people. The resolution calls on all members of the international community—particularly donor nations, international financial institutions, and pertinent international organizations—as well as the private sector and civil society to fully support and assist the government of […]