UN General Assembly passes resolution in support of Pakistani citizens affected by floods

On July 7, the United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution supporting the Pakistani government and the flood-stricken Pakistani people.

The resolution calls on all members of the international community—particularly donor nations, international financial institutions, and pertinent international organizations—as well as the private sector and civil society to fully support and assist the government of Pakistan in its efforts to lessen the effects of the floods and to meet medium-and long-term recovery and reconstruction needs.

The resolution urges the Member States, the United Nations, and humanitarian organizations to continue collaborating to meet the needs of affected people, especially the most vulnerable groups, and calls on the international community to step up humanitarian assistance and post-disaster reconstruction support to Pakistan. The resolution emphasizes the need for continued international attention in order to support Pakistan’s medium-and long-term recovery, reconstruction, and disaster mitigation efforts as well as its climate adaptation plan. This attention is needed in addition to the country’s current emergency assistance.

The resolution encouraged all Member States to participate at the highest level and welcomed the early convening of a pledging conference on recovery and reconstruction in the disaster-hit areas of Pakistan.

The resolution urges the Member States to continue taking part in planning procedures for adaptation to climate change and to promote disaster reduction cooperation. It highlights the significance of building resilience and resilience to climate change and extreme weather. The resolution holds that international climate funding is crucial for assisting poor nations, particularly those that are most at risk from climate change.