World Bank endorses Belt and Road

ENVISAGING greater connectivity and cooperation amongst Eurasia, ‘One Belt One Road Initiative’ put forward by Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2013 to revive the old silk route, is being endorsed on regular basis by different quarters including world leaders, economists and experts because of the immense opportunities offered by the multi-billion dollar project for economic integration amongst different regions.
The former senior official of the World Bank, Simeon Djankov, in a recent interview has also endorsed the Chinese connectivity project, by saying, that it will establish a large Asia-Europe economic zone and help integrate dozens of countries along the ‘Belt and Road’ routes, into global economy. Indeed, focus of visionary Chinese leadership is on economy and trade with other countries without any hidden agenda. Its model of shared destiny and cooperation has a unique three dimensional character engulfing true spirit of reciprocity, kinship and inclusiveness. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for all countries ratifying the Chinese concept as it holds opportunities like systemic innovation, infrastructure development, improved business environment and development of land locked states and remote areas. We believe that the Chinese leadership with its futurist initiatives is constructing a new world economy that would surely serve upcoming generations. Coming to Pakistan, Beijing being the Iron brother, has chosen to begin the implementation of one belt one road initiative from Pakistan. China Pakistan Economic Corridor project (CPEC) is in fact a trunk passageway connecting Silk Road Economic Belt in the north with the 21st century maritime Silk Road in south. Branches from this trunk will connect Afghanistan, India and Iran with the Chinese Road and Belt system. The CPEC, therefore, could be dubbed as a paradigm of regional co-existence as greater economic integration, especially in our conflict hit region, will create greater interdependence. More so, it also envisages several power projects which will help meet growing electricity requirements as well as generate economic activity and employment opportunities in country. To fully exploit the potential offered by corridor project, we will ask govt to ensure its implementation without any hiccups while closely working with Chinese friends.