New Unit Installation at Bin Qasim power station to light up Karachi

Harbin Electric Group International announced on the 27th of May that at 15:10 local PST time on May 26th, the third phase of Pakistan Bin Qasim power project built by HEI having capability of producing 900MW of energy through combined cycle power station project successfully achieved the running of the No. 1 steam turbine, and the No. 1 unit was connected to the grid for combined cycle power generation. At present, the unit is running stably and all parameters are good.

Bin Qasim Phase III Combined Cycle Project is located in Karachi, Pakistan, adjacent to Bin Qasim Port. The owner is Karachi Electric Power (KE) Company, which was established in 1913 and is the largest integrated power company in Pakistan. At present, Karachi has entered the peak electricity consumption in summer, and the city’s electricity demand is very high.

The successful combined cycle power generation of Unit 1 of Bin Qasim Phase III power Project has greatly eased the problem of power supply shortage, in turn helping the local people of Karachi to spend the hot summer with some ease, and has also achieved considerable economic benefits for the small- and large-scale industry owners as by adding more energy into Karachi’s grid will reduce power interruptions in the industrial processes ultimately cutting down their losses. 

Currently, Units 1 and 2 of Bin Qasim Phase III Project in Pakistan are respectively in the peak period of combined cycle commissioning and installation. Since March 14th, 2022, the third phase of Bin Qasim project has successively achieved major feats of achievements such as the ignition and grid connection of No. 1 gas turbine, the blowing pipe of No. 1 waste heat boiler, and the hydraulic test of No. 2 waste heat boiler. HEI is quite confident that the team will steadily push forward the project implementation and strive to achieve the smooth handover of Unit 1 at an early date after its rigorous testing is completed and HEI deems unit1 stable and error free