Shaukat Aziz

Beijing, Dec 16: Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has said “If China does well; Pakistan genuinely feels proud” adding further that China’s strength is strength for Asia, strength for region as well as strength for world.

Shaukat Aziz said this in Interview with China Daily, an English Language Newspaper of China.

Pakistan China relations

He said Pakistan China relations are multifaceted adding further “Pakistan opened three consulates in China’s commercial metropolis Chengdu, shanghai, and Guangzhou during in his tenure of rule to promote bilateral trade and business”.

Silk Road

Responding to a question on Silk Road, Shaukat Aziz said Silk Road countries of Central Asia, South Asia including Pakistan, that’s a good historical link which can be developed and further exploited because trade is always win win. Trade cannot be one sided, if you have more trade and investment then jobs are created that is right way to go for improvement of life, he noted.

China and World

Commenting on China’s geo-political significance, he said China is geopolitically important country and huge market, a major supplier of goods and services worldwide, China has important role in security, politics, diplomacy affairs in world and region especially.

China’s economic reforms

Speaking on China’s economic reforms package, Shaukat Aziz said China’s Third Plenary Session will bring new energy to China’s economic reform and structural reform should be taken as the key measure.

Economic reforms are substantial and comprehensive document elaborating future road map of development adding that market economy should be given more control rather than to be regulated.

While visiting China, he is fascinated by the fast economic growth and progress of China since three decades. Improvement in infrastructure and better quality of life is very visible that shows leadership’s commitment to people, prudent policies and hard work, he noted.

China threat

On China threat, he said, the tendency to look at a country through the lens of another country may not be necessarily the best way possible, adding further “Chinese leadership knows well what is good for Chinese people, more than anyone else knows. Chinese leadership has experience and ability to move the country in better way towards future”.

Since last three decades, China is changing with fast pace; change is not a threat but an opportunity. China’s major changes and policies have been received well in world, he added.

China’s economic potential

Speaking on China’s economic potential, he said some time China’s growth and development may make some people uncomfortable for short term but not in the long run. Development leads to healthy and peaceful world benefiting to all.

China in Africa

Commenting on Chinese investment in African continent, he said multinational companies have been doing business since many decades, if China is doing in Africa it’s not big issue. Chinese have been helping African people on win win cooperation bases. Discomfort about China’s progress may be here and there, but by and large, people respect what China has achieved, he commented.

Investment brings capital and expertise, foreign invest is greatly needed in developing countries especially, he added.

Shaukat Aziz is also writing a book covering economic, geopolitical, and social aspects of current global scenario. China will be featured in the book .