Pakistan China at positive turning points for development

Pakistan and China are planning to work on energy and transport corridor through Pakistan to the Arabian Sea for the economic growth and development needs of both countries this year. This plan includes big investment to construct road links, rail tracks, energy pipelines and telecommunication infrastructure between China and Gawadar Port Pakistan. The economic corridor is aimed to connect China with Southeast Asia, Middle East and Europe for trade and economic growth.  These projects can change the fate of both countries to become leading economic powers by restoring economy. The strategy for energy and road link plans is designed for economic and security concerns.

China is against international terrorism and security crisis in Asia. So India is interested in reconciliation with Pakistan to link up with Chinese corridor so as to link up with the Chinese corridor and open land routes for India to the Middle East and Europe. There is a chance to talk about pace settlement in Afghanistan after serious work between Delhi, Islamabad, Beijing and Washington.