Pak-China Corridor and Balochistan

Islamabad: Progress on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is on its fast track since 17 September and first phase of the project is likely to be completed by the end of 2017. However, the CPEC is a 15 year project between Pakistan and China spanning 2015-2030, while the Western route has to be completed by 2018.

This Western route starts from Gwadar and leads to Kashgar in China passing through Balochistan, KPK and Punjab provinces respectively. It is being built on priority basis and most of its sectors would likely to be completed by December 2016. This mega project is costing for USD 45+ billion which will directly help in boosting economic conditions of the locals and also going to take the bilateral relationship between Pakistan and China to new heights.

The project is the beginning of a journey of prosperity for Pakistan’s Balochistan and China’s Xinjiang. The economic corridor is about 3000 Kilometers long consisting of highways, railways and pipelines that will connect China’s Xinjiang province to rest of the world through Pakistan’s Gwadar port. Later on, Afghanistan, Central Asian states and Russia will also be connected to the route and ultimately provide them cheap and easy access to the warm water.

Apart from its military and strategic importance, the project will help in elevating the life slandered at local and regional level. Moreover, speedy progress on this project will add towards the development which will ultimately assist in elevating common man life. But unfortunately, such like development is unacceptable to disloyal lords of Balochistan. On the other hand patriotic people with the help of country’s security forces will keep on sweating to eliminate foreign sponsored militancy and softening up of controller of belligerents. Therefore, we can say that chasm between patriotic and disloyal is unbridgeable and will continue to increase since leaders like traitors present outside and inside propagating against Pakistan and its security agencies.

These traitors knew that security forces and loyal Balochis are the main hindrance in the completion of their evil design and objectives. Senator Jehanzeb Jamaldini being member of honourable Pakistani parliament must be in picture of true facts since security and intelligence chiefs in their speeches have many times appraised the exact situation and involvement of RAW and other foreign intelligence agencies in the unrest of Balochistan. Unfortunately, senator Jamaldini has courage to crticise country’s security forces and national interests but does not dare to condemn foreign forces operating in Balochistan. It seems that he’s deliberately supporting the unwanted elements and compromising national interest by keeping his eyes close and mouth closed over abductions for ransom, murdering and foreign sponsored insurgency.

In this regards, one of the so called analyst Mir Muhammad Talpur has crafted baseless story with the title of “An unbridgeable chasm of distrust” and published in a local Pakistani English daily newspaper. While using fake figures and false facts, he tried to spectacle that deployment of security forces is equivalent to demographic war against Baloch nation. In fact, by cocking such type of stories, people like Mr. Mir Muhammad and Mama Qadeer Baloch on their master’s direction are making effort of staging and launching propaganda campaign against Pakistani security forces. They have purposefully intensified the propaganda war as their controllers might be foreseeing their complete failures and defeat in creating anarchy in Balochistan.

Moreover, many propagandists like Mir Muhammad are disappointed over the improving security situation in western province and started negatively criticizing the deployment of one division force that is actually there to guard focal points of Pak-China Corridor. In fact, the security forces are there to restore the peace, protect the national assets and innocent locals. They must know that most of the troops on security duties like Balochistan Levies Force, Police Force and other intelligence agencies are from Baloch nation and local inhabitants living there since independence. Therefore, propagating about changing demography by placing Pakistani troops on security duties is just a groundless try to generate misperception and mistrust among people.

In fact, due to optimistic awareness, Baloch nation is no more interested to believe in lordships. Its young generation of middle class also knows that so called Baloch lords like Murri, Bugti and Mehngal ruled Balochistan for many years but never made an effort to elevate poorer life, to promote education and never took interest in development of remote areas. Furthermore, they never developed infrastructures or took any generous efforts of providing basic rights to the common people.

Anyhow, tribes like Jamali, Mugsee , Achakzai and patriotic lot democratic personalities from Bugti, Murri and other tribes should encourage the rebels to put their guns down for the better interest of Balochistan because speedy and timely completion of OPEC project is the only way forward to bring prosperity in Balochistan . At the same time government should speed up the implementation of the already announced NFC award.

We all knew that Khan of Kalat declared Balochistan independent on 12th August 1947 and opted for Pakistan in the same year. He rejected English and Indian efforts of annexing it with India. In this regards, recently in an interview with a TV channel, Jamhoori Watan Party (JWP)’s leader Shahzain Bugti said that Balochi people are loyal to Pakistan and want to be treated equally. Baloch leaders like Akhter Mehngal, Shazain and others are now ready to participate in main stream politics which need to be encouraged and respected. In short, geographically, culturally, religiously and politically Balochistan is tied up with rest of the country and bright future is awaiting s for the entire Baloch nation.