Nexus against CPEC

Majid Khan

In 1983, Pakistan’s Army serving officer, Major Nabi Ahmed was arrested for spying, later disclosed that he was an Indian national and his original name was Ravinder Kaushik. Mr Kaushik was born in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan in 1952. He was a young smart guy, picked up by Indian intelligence agency, RAW. During his training in Delhi he learned Urdu, Islam and various things about Pakistan. RAW appointed him on special task in Pakistan in 1975, and after his appointment all of his records in India were destroyed and he was given a new identity of Nabi Ahmed Shakir. In Pakistan, according to plan first he started LLB in Karachi University to create a perfect back-story and later he joined Pakistan army. He was appointed for sabotaging Pakistan nuclear programme and getting information regarding Pak army capabilities but he was arrested and died in Pakistan’s jail in 2002.

In 1970s and 1980s India tried its best and did every thing to stop Pakistan nuclear programme but they couldn’t. Atomic programme of Pakistan was a top secret, only few selected people knew about its development. To counter Indian hegemonic agenda and aggressions, atomic missiles are the only alternative for Pakistan to balance the power in the region and successfully they did it.

Pakistan shares borders with china, India, Afghanistan and Iran. In its south is Indian ocean and Persian gulf which is a major water course for international trade, particularly that of oil, its location has enhanced its geo-political and strategic importance in world affairs. However, due to feeble planning and management, Pakistan couldn’t get its proper benefits in past from its strategic location. In 2012, Pakistan officially handed its most important port, Gawadar to China. Both countries are long strategic partner and now they have made agreements to establish China Pakistan Economic Corridor between the two countries with the investment of US$ 46 billion. According to the agreements China will also help Pakistan in building its infrastructure especially in energy sector. The corridor will connect China to Arabian Sea through Gawadar port. In further extension this route will lead to connect Central Asian states through Afghanistan with Gawadar port. After the completion of this project Pakistan’s International trade would be dramatically increased and through International seaport (Gawadar) government could get huge money in terms of revenue. It is expected that over a thousand billion-dollar trades would pass through Gwardar and CPEC.

Now India, the archrival of Pakistan has put all of its efforts to stop this project. It was the information that India appointed a full unit in their secret agency RAW with heavy funds to break the plan of CPEC. But this time they are along with some other regional countries who also don’t want to be materialised this project because of their economical interests. This information was confirmed when a senior serving officer of RAW, Kulbhushan Yadav was arrested from Balochistan province. The agent was a resident of Mumbai and possesses a passport registered under the name Hussain Mubarak Patel. His passport number is L9630722 that bears Iranian visa. The Indian spy joined RAW in 2013 while served the Indian naval intelligence in the past with his number being 41558. He was earlier appointed at Iran’s port Chabahar. According to sources from Islamabad, in early investigation he accepted that he was appointed to damage the CPEC and on this mission over 500 trained agents are operating in Pakistan. He disclosed some horrible facts before security agencies that RAW has been organizing terrorists’ activities in Balochistan and Karachi to destabilize Pakistan from last many years. The agent also accepted his bloody achievements including Safoora attack. He also explained that how RAW is funding terrorism and creating sectarian violence.

The agent Yadav disclosed a very astonishing fact that RAW is operating from Chabahar, Iran to halt CPEC. Chabahar is an Iranian port built by India, which is just 76 nautical miles away from Gawadar. But Gawadar is a deep-sea port and location wise ideal for a port. In such scenario when Gawadar operationalize, it will damage the business and importance of Chabahar and other ports of this region including UAE, Qatar and Oman. In this case questions raises that all of these countries involve in conspiracies against CPEC? If so then it is a vicious nexus against CPEC. Few years back Interior Minister of Pakistan disclosed in Parliament house that our some Arab friends (countries) are funding Baloch separatist for terrorism activities to halt Gawadar port.

But this time security agency got the proof about RAW network, operationalizing from Chabahar, Iran. The question raises that how Iran allowing them to do, are they unaware or they have joined hands together against Pakistan’s CPEC? Army Chief of Pakistan, Gen Raheel Shareef raised his concern with his meeting with Iranian President and Interior Minister also put this issue with his counter part.

The astonishing revelations of Indian RAW agent must be an eye opener for Pakistani authorities and it is right time take strict action against this nexus because the future of Pakistan is very much relate to CPEC.

Majid Khan is a Journalist, Lecturer and PhD scholar of media in Australia