Gwadar Huafa Exhibition Center construction picks momentum

GWADAR: October 13, The main structure of the Gwadar Huafa Exhibition and Trading Center has been roofed, and construction is now fully underway. Chinese engineers and Pakistani laborers collaborated on this project. It is one of the large-scale development projects in the Gwadar Free Zone (phase I), which is located on the grounds of the Gwadar Port and will host commercial and industrial exhibits starting in 2019.
In front of the Gwadar Business Center, in the Free Zone (phase I), was where the main structure’s topping ceremony took place. A total of 3919 square meters are being constructed.

An official from the Gwadar Free Zone (Phase I) stated that the project’s primary functions include commercial exhibitions, large-scale conference rooms, product trading, cultural and sporting events, etc. This is extremely important for the promotion of investment and the growth of the Gwadar Free Zone. The project’s construction officially began on December 24, 2021, and the contract has a 21-month duration.

Senior official Zhou Yaodong of China Overseas Port Holding Company (COPHC), the sole operator of Gwadar Port, told Gwadar Pro that more than 140 workers from China and Pakistan successfully overcame several obstacles and challenges, worked hard, and finished at the top of the project’s main structure, marking the transition from the civil engineering construction stage to the decoration stage and ensuring the projects’ timely completion.
A redesigned workspace, the Gwadar Business Center is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem that supports and encourages creativity, innovation, and teamwork. The completion of the Gwadar Huafa Exhibition and Trading Center is the focus of attention. The purpose of the Gwadar Huafa Exhibition and Trading Center was to give business exhibitors a range of services never before seen.