CPEC and jobs

Turbat: The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will play a vital role to bolster, not only the economy of Pakistan, but also to enhance the economy of China. It is the biggest project in Pakistan. Its significance can be observed through frequent news articles about the subject.

The strategy of establishing industries is required to avail of the CPEC in terms of export and import for the economic growth of the country. However, in the region of Makran, the unemployment rate is high. Every year, approximately 4,000 students obtain their bachelor’s degrees. Due to a dearth of job opportunities, they travel to Gulf countries in order to seek jobs to meet their families’ basic needs and expenses. Now, there is a golden chance to reduce the unemployment rate in Balochistan, as well as across the country, using viable industrial strategies in the region of Makran. Due to project developments in Gwadar, the zone of Makran seems an appropriate area for factories and industries. Furthermore, without development in the region, the CPEC would only be a transit.

The federal government should take initiatives to increase exports and utilise the CPEC in such a way that it benefits the entire country, by targeting unemployment and inflation in particular.