China helps Pakistan fight severe wildfires

Chinese Ministry of Emergency Management told that on the afternoon of May 27, in response to an urgent request from Pakistan, the Ministry of Emergency Management and Pakistan’s National Disaster Management agency held a video conference on the recent firefighting in the Suleiman Mountains of Baluchistan province of Pakistan. Chairman of the National Disaster Management Agency of Pakistan Lieutenant General Sati was also present in the video conference.

The Chinese side said that China and Pakistan are all-weather strategic partners, and the disaster management departments of the two countries have signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation. China is always willing to strengthen cooperation with the Pakistani side in the field of disaster management. After receiving Pakistan’s request for assistance in putting down the wildfire, the Emergency Management Department made it their priority task, and the Chinese Minister Huang Ming immediately made a deployment, ordering quick action and active support to China’s long term ally Pakistan. It was further told that the Chinese side will continue to keep an eye on the development of the fire, immediately resources from all parties concerned were mobilized, Special information cell is formed to collect information on the wildfires, experts are tasked to carefully study and judge the impact of the disaster and how to minimize it’s affect, China is also willing to fully assist the Pakistani side in its rescue operations, including providing expert guidance and fire-fighting materials. The Chinese experts have also shared fire-fighting recommendations to the Pakistani side based on actual ground experience.

Lieutenant General Sati highly praised the strategic partnership between the two countries, thanked the Chinese side for its rapid response, and praised the formation of an organized strong team of experts to study and make suggestions. He said that China’s proposal is pragmatic and practical, and the Pakistani side has benefited a lot thanks to their Chinese ally

The two sides also shared information on their respective systems, mechanisms, policies and measures for wildfire prevention and firefighting, and indicated that they would strengthen exchanges, mutual learning and practical cooperation in this field in future also, especially in personnel mutual visits, capacity building, early warning, and high-tech applications, and discussed the establishment of a permanent cooperation mechanism to further implement bilateral cooperation.