China based automobile company Higer Bus delivers brand new buses to Pakistan

Recently, the first batch of more than 100 Higer buses 12-meters long were delivered to Karachi, the largest city in Pakistan, and later in coming years 130 Higer buses will be delivered to Pakistani ports.

It is reported that two batches of brand-new vehicles will be put into operation in 6 major cities in Pakistan’s Sindh province, including Karachi, to provide citizens of Pakistan with convenient and comfortable bus travel services at subsidized rates.

Specially designed to fit the needs of Pakistan

The Chinese automobile company Higer bus has done extensive Research for development of these customized vehicles which fit the needs of bustling metropolitan of Pakistan.

The 12-meters long bus delivered to Pakistan is the specified model  Higer (KLQ6129GHEV) which is fuel efficient and operates upon  clean energy technology specially designed for the Karachi BRT project keeping in view Pakistan’s major cities are facing adverse effects by climate change, They are designed According to the Bus rapid transit system(BRT) lane conditions in Pakistan which are not so wide, the vehicle is specially designed with four doors in the middle, and the body layout is optimized to make the compartment more spacious and more comfortable to ride.

In order to better adapt to the operating conditions in Pakistan, these buses have also made a series of improvements according to local needs. For example, the drive train implements a hybrid design of gasoline and electricity, which promotes the green and sustainable development of urban transportation in Pakistan while emitting low levels of carbon emissions and being operated on their designated routes rigorously and meeting the daily commute requirements of Pakistani metropolitans.

In addition, these new cars are equipped with spacious four-door entry points, which seems to be an ideal modification as these buses will operate in rush hour and operating in the city of Karachi which houses more than 40 million Pakistani population. Also keeping in view, the Pakistan’s cultural needs these buses also meet the local requirements for distinguishing male and female passenger compartments. The vehicles internal cluster of instruments have also been upgraded and optimized to fit in compact places, which not only saves space, but also facilitates installation and reduces faults and maintenance points.

Strict quality control on manufacturing

In order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of vehicles, ‘Higer Bus Company Limited’ quickly established a research team in the early stage of the manufacturing process to conduct in-depth research on the automobile classifications needed to fit the needs of urban Pakistan transit system which caters the needs of Pakistani users, keeping in view the company formulated a tailor-made overall solution.

After the formal signing of the contract, Higer Bus Company Limited established a special team for the Pakistan’s BRT bus project to communicate with Pakistan in detail about products they expect and how it will be efficient according to their point of view, also a setup of after-sales services was established so that the buses could be maintained easily in Pakistan rather than having them exported in and out of the country. In order to strictly control the quality of vehicles, after the successful trial production of the prototype, Higer Bus Company Limited also hired representatives of international authoritative vehicle inspection agencies to conduct inspections, taking multiple measures to ensure the quality of end product delivered.

According to the relevant person in charge of this project at Higer Bus Company Limited, says in recent years, the company has won bids at the development opportunities of the “Belt and Road initiative” and has successively sold new advanced energy efficient vehicles to Pakistan, Serbia, Italy and many other countries. Since entering the Pakistani market in 2008, Higer Bus Company Limited has not only continued to launch and deliver high-quality bus products, but also continued to improve its after-sales service system, winning wide recognition from users.