Cainiao is officially acknowledged as the builder of Pakistan’s first intelligent express distribution facility

On October 14, it was claimed that the first Cainiao-built intelligent express distribution facility in Pakistan had just been delivered and inaugurated in Karachi. There is just a two-month construction window. The local e-commerce business Daraz owns the distribution facility, which will be one of the most cutting-edge logistical infrastructures in South Asia.

The distribution center is reportedly Cainiao’s first comprehensive smart project to be delivered abroad. The smart distribution center will increase Daraz’s current express sorting efficiency by more than 4 times and reduce human errors by more than 90%, according to Ahmed Tanveer, Chief Operating Officer of Daraz Pakistan. This will benefit the entire business of the company and enhance customer experience. The distribution facility can typically handle up to 420,000 packages per day, more than enough to accommodate expected company expansion over the following five to ten years.