Army Chief’s categorical assurance on CPEC

IT is commitment of the Government of Pakistan and the entire nation to accomplish all aspects of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as it is deeply linked to progress and prosperity of the country. However, in the backdrop of some security concerns and the propaganda campaign against the gigantic project, the assurance of the Army Chief, General Raheel Sharif to ensure secure environment for timely completion of the Corridor assumes greater significance.
Talking to Member of the Political Bureau of Communist Party of China, Zhang Chunxian, on Tuesday, the COAS resolved not only to ensure secure environment for completion of the CPEC but also its subsequent management in the best interest of prosperous region. The Chinese leader also underlined the importance of the project for the two countries and the entire region. We are confident that frequent interaction and exchange of views between leadership of the two countries would maintain the momentum on the pace of implementation of CPEC and help remove obstacles in the way. It is good that the two countries are fully alive to the ground realities as some countries are directly or indirectly conspiring to scuttle progress on the project. From the very beginning, some countries are unable to digest the CPEC idea and are bent upon to sabotage it. India established a special cell of RAW to undermine the project and confessions made by the recently arrested agent of the Indian spy agency clearly prove existence of anti-CPEC activities on the soil of Pakistan and in the region. However, creation of a separate security Division of the Pakistan Army for safety of Chinese manpower and projects under the umbrella of CPEC reflected resolve of the two countries to implement the project at all costs. We hope Pakistan and China would also work closely to counter conspiracies against the project.