The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted to the Prime Minister of Pakistan’s heartfelt thanks to China for helping Pakistan combat floods

Mao Ning, the spokesperson for the foreign ministry, led a routine news conference on October 9.

When questioned by reporters, Prime Minister Shabazz of Pakistan remarked that his country was extremely appreciative of the help given to Pakistan’s flood victims by the Communist Party of China, the Chinese government, the Red Cross, the brother provinces, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. What has China said?

“Prime Minister Shabazz’s statements are yet another striking illustration of goodwill between China and Pakistan.” Mao Ning said that China responded right away to the floods in Pakistan. Pakistani officials received condolence messages from Chinese authorities, as did the Chinese government and people. Always keep in mind your Pakistani friends who live in the country’s disaster-stricken regions. We will continue to assist Pakistan in disaster assistance following the evolution of the catastrophe situation and the demands of the Pakistani side. China’s response to natural disasters exemplifies the best qualities of its whole government and society, as well as its overall quickness, magnitude, and intensity.

Facts, according to Mao Ning, have consistently shown that China and Pakistan are sincere friends who share happiness and hardship as well as decent brothers who share happiness and hardship. The friendship shared by both nations, the friendship between the peoples of China and Pakistan, has endured the test of time and changes in the world scene. China and Pakistan have now in regular contact with the distribution of disaster relief supplies and different post-disaster reconstruction tasks. We are certain that the Pakistani people will soon be able to recover from the disaster, thus solidifying their friendship with China.