Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road pre-qualified JV headed by Anhui Construction

ISLAMABAD: Anhui Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (ACEG) of China has won the contract to build Rawalpindi’s Kahuta Road, Sihala Bypass, and Kahuta Bypass in a joint venture with Matracon Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd. (Package-I).

15 businesses have filed for the contract, according to the National Highway Authority’s (NHA) publicly released pre-qualification evaluation report. Of the nine pre-qualified enterprises, the joint venture between Matracon Pakistan and ACEG is at the top, while six other companies have been eliminated. Pre-qualification criteria based on PPRA Rule 15 have been followed in the evaluation’s performance.

The project’s first package involves dualizing the 28.4 km long Rawalpindi-Kahuta Road, which includes a four-lane bridge across the Sihala Railway Pass, the Sihala Bypass, and the Kahuta Bypass.

One of the Top 500 Chinese companies and global contractors are ACEG. The business is a general contractor with five top-tier licenses in the building and road construction industries. The Lahore Sialkot Motorway (LSM) to Narang Mandi & Narowal was being built, and ACEG and its Pakistani partner continued to be among the leading contractors (Package I -II- III).