Pakistani Minister: Looking forward to Prime Minister’s visit to China

Beginning November 1, Islamic Republic of Pakistan Prime Minister Shabazz Sharif will go to China on official business.

In this regard, Iqbal, Pakistan’s Minister of Planning and Development, stated that Pakistan and China have an enduring and steadfast brotherly friendship and that he is looking forward to Prime Minister Shabazz’s visit to China to advance the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor to a new level of cooperation. high.

Iqbal, Pakistan’s Minister of Planning and Development: We want to advance the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s cooperation to a new level during this visit. From 2013 to 2018, Shabazz Sharif served as the Chief Minister of Punjab and was one of the project’s most ardent champions and implementers. We look forward to maintaining the momentum of CPEC construction. To increase Pakistan’s export commerce as well as its industrialization, we seek to entice Chinese businesses to migrate to the special economic zone being built in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

I’m hoping this trip would encourage mutual collaboration on international development projects.

Iqbal asserted that China and Pakistan have a profound grasp of international concerns and predicted that during this visit, the two nations will hold in-depth conversations on international, regional, and bilateral matters. Pakistan is expected to make considerable strides in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals thanks to cooperation between the two nations on international development projects.

Iqbal, Pakistan’s Minister of Planning and Development: The Global Development Initiative offers a fresh approach to achieving the goals outlined in the 2030 SDGs. In my opinion, Pakistan may benefit from GDIA cooperation to advance the SDGs more quickly.

Iqbal stated that Pakistan is ready to take lessons from China’s experience in order to advance its development more quickly. He expressed the wish that through cooperation, the lovely dream of a neighborhood with a common future for mankind may come true.

Iqbal, Pakistan’s Minister of Planning and Development: For Chinese businesses, we may provide a variety of business options. Pakistani businesses will have a greater opportunity to expand their commerce with China as the Chinese economy grows. We thus expect that Pakistan will greatly benefit from China’s economic growth over the next five years, and we also hope that through collaboration, we may achieve the lovely vision of a world community with a shared destiny.