Pakistani Ambassador to China Haq: Warmly welcome Chinese investors

“Pakistan welcomes Chinese friends wherever they may be like an old friend. An exchange meeting was mentioned.

According to Haq, the Pakistan-China all-weather strategic cooperative cooperation has become stronger over time, and the two countries unbreakable friendship can be witnessed in times of difficulty. An excellent example is the recent active support China provided to Pakistan in the wake of floods and other natural disasters. Haq stated, “We are very moved by the kindness and assistance from all spheres of Chinese society. On behalf of the people of Pakistan, I would want to use this opportunity to thank the Chinese people.

China is Pakistan’s greatest commercial partner and largest source of investment, according to Haq, who was speaking on economic and trade cooperation between the two countries. Since the Pakistan-China Free Commerce Agreement’s second phase protocol went into force on December 1, 2019, trade between the two nations has gotten freer and more frequent.

Haq concentrated on the benefits of Chinese investors investing in Pakistan at this exchange meeting: The two governments’ strategic mutual trust is the primary factor, and it may effectively encourage the growth of commerce and the economy. Second, Pakistan has a sizable population—particularly among young people—and affordable labor costs. Pakistan has a significant geographic advantage, too. It has borders with China, but it is also connected to West Asia and Central Asia. Fourth, the business climate in Pakistan is favorable.

In particular, according to Haq, the Pakistan-China Economic Corridor is a flagship project for the “Belt and Road” initiative’s joint construction. It can not only improve connectivity between Pakistan and China on a wider scale and support Pakistan’s economic growth, but it can also foster international business cooperation. Chinese investors will undoubtedly get a warm welcome in Pakistan, according to Haq.