Pakistan will exhibit Gandhara in Palace Museum this year, Pakistani Ambassador

Beijing: This year, we want to open a significant exhibition at the Palace Museum about Pakistan’s Gandhara. In an exclusive interview with China Economic Net, Moinul Haque, the Pakistani ambassador to China, shared his opinions.

The envoy told CEN that a list of events has been communicated between the two nations, adding that these events include [culture] exhibitions, highlighting the significant potential of China-Pakistan cooperation in the tourist and cultural industries. includes travel to China arranged by travel agencies.

The Gandhara art show was also included in the joint declaration between China and Pakistan in February. The parties will continue to increase their collaboration for the preservation and display of the two nations’ cultural assets and antiquities, the statement said.

China and Pakistan have collaborated more in the tourist and cultural sectors in recent years. For instance, two animated films from Pakistan were released in Chinese theatres the previous year, with The Donkey King becoming the country’s top-grossing Pakistani film. A Memorandum of Understanding on Tourist Cooperation was signed that same year to better advance cross-border tourism interactions.