Pakistan Gets Smart Distribution Technology

ISLAMIC, November 6 The “most advanced” distribution technology in the region was developed by Alibaba Group in Pakistan, allowing its local e-commerce company Daraz to transport a million packages every day.

The biggest e-commerce site in the nation, Daraz, revealed it in a news update on Friday.

According to the company, Daraz has opened the nation’s first automated smart distribution centers in Karachi and Lahore in collaboration with Cainiao Network, the logistics division of Alibaba Group. According to Daraz, this is one of the most technologically advanced logistics facilities in South Asia, and it establishes Cainiao’s first fully integrated distribution center network in the area.

According to Daraz, smart distribution centers will boost their sorting capacity by more than 4.2 times and reduce manual errors by more than 90%, which will benefit the entire company and enhance the customer experience. Our staff has been working nonstop all year to ensure that this launch occurs before 11.11 and streamline consumer orders, according to the firm.

The annual sale held by Daraz on November 11 is referred to as “11.11.”

Ehsan Saya, the managing director of Daraz, stated in a previous article that they are “happy that we brought new tech to Pakistan that the country has never had, and proud that this inches us closer to empowering millions of Pakistanis and making eCommerce accessible to them.”