LONGi and Pak Datacom have an agreement to make the telecom sector green

ISLAMABAD, 30 OCT. LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of China and Pak Datacom Ltd. have partnered to make Pakistan’s telecom sector “sustainable and green” because Pakistan is one of the nations most susceptible to the negative effects of climate change.

LONGI and Pak Datacom has reportedly signed an MoU to collaborate, produce green energy, and “solarize the nation,” according to a formal announcement.

Officials from both firms attended a ceremony in Islamabad where the MoU was signed.

iDirect, DAMA, VSAT, and SCPC Networks are Pak Datacom’s areas of expertise, whereas LONGi is dedicated to being the most valuable solar technology firm in the world. With the most reputable, trustworthy solar firm leading the way for green technology, LONGi makes the best use of solar energy to create a more environmentally friendly world. A positive development that will enhance the use of green energy in Pakistan is the agreement between LONGi and Pak Datacom.

Along with signing an MoU with Pak Datacom, LONGi recently collaborated with other businesses and institutions to expand and promote green energy in Pakistan. A two-month free solar system training course was made available by LONGi and the Energy Training and Research Center-ETRC, a non-profit in Lahore, in September. All tuition for this program, which aims to develop a trained workforce in renewable energy, has been sponsored by LONGi.