Iran and Pakistan discuss on Afghanistan

The special representative for Afghanistan of the visiting Pakistani Prime Minister, Sadiq, met with Iranian Foreign Minister Amirabdollahian, according to information issued by the Iranian Foreign Ministry on October 18 evening.

Sadiq outlined Pakistan’s viewpoints on the present conditions in Afghanistan and the developments there. According to him, these trends have decreased Afghans’ quality of life and raised their sense of unease, leading to a massive migration of migrants into nearby nations, with Iran and Pakistan being the most severely impacted. Then, he emphasized the significance of the neighbors of Afghanistan, particularly Iran and Pakistan, playing a positive role.

According to Abdullahyan, Iran is open to any kind of collaboration that can improve security in the area, where there are already more than 4.5 million Afghan citizens. He emphasized that Iran supports Afghanistan’s peace and stability, which will open the door for refugees to return to their home nations. According to Abdullahyan, Iran has organized a special gathering of top diplomats from Afghanistan’s neighbors.

(Source: CCTV News Client)