Gwadar: Infrastructure for digital connection is ramping up

GWADAR, Oct. 30  – A broadband project of PKR 188.1 million for more than 15,000 people in 19 villages of Gwadar has been authorized to boost digital connection in the city.
Digital access will aid the other communities in Gwadar.
According to a representative of the IT ministry, after the project is finished, the people who live in Gwadar’s undeveloped, underdeveloped, and distant areas will have a chance.
A fiber-optic project for Gwadar has just been started by the Universal Service Fund (USF) to provide the area with high-speed, 4G compatible internet and telecom services. By the following year, the project is anticipated to be finished.

For several projects, including a 400km fiber-optic project in Gwadar and 4G services in Loralai, Balochistan, USF has completed the necessary documentation. Beyond the city’s residential and commercial areas, USF has a comprehensive plan to resurface Gwadar’s highways, particularly the Gwadar Eastbay Expressway.
Balochistan’s NH 50-70 and Makran Coastal Highway are already serviced with telecom.
As soon as the fiber optic cable network was operationalized, Gwadar Port became digital.
According to a senior GDA official, the installation of a fiber optic connection provided Gwadar Port with a cutting-edge web-based customs (WeBOC) system for commodities declaration and clearance. He further mentioned that the project to install the new fiber optic cable has been finished by Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (P

He said that the recent discovery will significantly help traders, customs officials, and agents. Processes would be easier, the GD clearance system would be quicker, and container tracking would be simpler, in his opinion.
The commercial corridor of CPEC connects Gwadar with western China. The corridor, currently valued at over USD 60 billion, requires quicker internet access to maintain the efficiency of its extensive activities. The use of fiber optic cable is a huge step toward satisfying this business necessity.