Cultural Contradiction: Pakistan and China

If a local female approaches you to shake your hands when you arrive in Pakistan and you decline, don’t interpret this as a “welcome.”

A large number of nations border my country, including Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, and Russia, among others. Pakistan must be brought up while discussing a neighboring nation that is geographically close to us and has a very close relationship with us.

Pakistan and our nation are like brothers, as we all know. The long-standing relationship between China and Pakistan is still going strong today. The Pakistani people welcome us quite enthusiastically and refer to us as “Pakistan Railway.” As a result, more and more citizens of our nation are choosing Pakistan as one of their international tourist destinations. People feel as though they are visiting a second home when they are here since they may experience powerful foreign cultures in addition to the stunning mountains and rivers.

Despite the intimate ties that exist between the people of China and Pakistan, cultural and customary differences will inevitably arise when they interact. These discrepancies might occasionally cause unneeded bother when traveling. Before opting to visit Pakistan, we still need to be aware of the cultural distinctions between the two nations in order to prevent such humiliation.

For instance, when most individuals meet for the first time in our nation, shaking hands is a fairly natural show of goodwill. Handshakes are a type of communication etiquette and are non-binary. However, shaking hands has a distinct connotation in Pakistan. When a young lady approaches you and extends her hand, it indicates that she thinks highly of you and is thus confessing to you. Some Chinese visitors who travel to Pakistan are unaware of its connotation and assume that it is the first time ever in China that courtesy and kindness are displayed, so they hold it naturally. The woman now believes that you have accepted her confession, and the repercussions will be severe.

You say that, why? Pakistani ladies have very traditional and conservative views. In Pakistan, women wrap themselves closely so that only their husbands may view their bodies. As a result, they almost never engage in physical contact with foreign males. A traditionally inclined woman is showing her interest in you and her desire to wed you if she makes the effort to shake hands with you. If you shake hands with someone right now without knowing the custom, in their eyes, it is a skin-to-skin relationship, and you must act responsibly. Many tour guides make fun of the phrase “one person to go, three people to return,” which they claim will lead to confusion and the development of a fiancée. You’ll accompany Pakistani women back to China so they may see their parents and talk about marriage.

Therefore, it is best to avoid shaking hands informally with native women in Pakistan if you have no intention of marrying one or if you already have a family.