Chinese expert delegation travels to Pakistan to conduct catastrophe assessments and provide advice on flood management and disaster mitigation

A Chinese government expert team headed by the Ministry of Emergency Management left for Pakistan on October 11 in order to conduct a catastrophe assessment and provide recommendations for flood mitigation and prevention. Eleven people from several agencies, including the China Meteorological Administration, the Ministry of Water Resources, and the Ministry of Emergency Management, make up the expert group. The expert committee was dismissed by Moin Haq, the Pakistani Ambassador to China; Zhou Xuewen, the Deputy Minister of Emergency Management; and Deng Boqing, the Deputy Director of the China International Development Cooperation Agency.

At the departure ceremony, Zhou Xuewen emphasized how China and Pakistan have always shared good and bad times, supported one another, and worked together to overcome significant obstacles like natural catastrophes. In Pakistan, major floods have occurred since June of this year, resulting in several fatalities and significant property losses. Both Premier Li Keqiang and President Xi Jinping offered condolences to the leaders of Pakistan. China’s urgent humanitarian aid to Pakistan has had significant participation from the Ministry of Emergency Management. Flood assistance and disaster aid in Pakistan are now still in a critical state. The Chinese government sent a team of professionals to aid Pakistan in its capacity with flood control and disaster relief efforts, demonstrating the need for China and Pakistan to cooperate and support one another. He hoped that the expert group would utilize all of its technical know-how, carry out its varied responsibilities with heart, passion, and vigor, advance China and Pakistan’s cooperation in disaster prevention, and support their all-season friendship.

According to Deng Boqing, China and Pakistan have consistently supported and aided one another in the face of a variety of obstacles and challenges. China has sent a sizable number of emergency relief supplies and is paying careful attention to Pakistan’s flood situation and rescue requirements. This time, the expert group’s dispatch is indicative of the close relationship between China and Pakistan.

Moin Haq expressed gratitude on behalf of the government and the people of Pakistan to the Chinese government and people for their steadfast support throughout this trying time. He noted that China and Pakistan have consistently been the most dependable partners and “hardcore” friends and that China’s assistance to Pakistan has changed from relief to relief. I warmly welcome and express my gratitude to the Chinese expert team for helping with disaster relief efforts in Pakistan as we move into the stage of repair and reconstruction. It is envisaged that the two nations’ collaboration in disaster management, particularly in the areas of early warning systems and disaster preventive capacity building, will continue to grow.