Chinese collaboration in agriculture sector can take Pakistan towards economic stability

CPEC Phase-2

Friday, June 7, 2024

News Desk

Chinese assistance towards Pakistan under CPEC phase-2 will ultimately boost agriculture sector in Pakistan. Pakistan is basically an agrarian economy, where Pakistan earns valuable foreign exchange with the export of cash crops and fruits of Pakistan.

With Chinese assistance and China’s technology, Pakistan will be able to enhance its agriculture production and also will be able to meet its local needs as well as to be able to export agriculture products.

Comparatively to industry, Pakistan within a short span of time with the assistance of Chinese technologies and Chinese economic models could be able to export its fruits and cotton all over the world as Pakistan’s mango, orange and other fruits for their unique taste have attractive market all over the world.

Pakistan has signed multiple projects with Chinese companies to promote corporate farming in Thar areas of Sindh and in some areas of Punjab.

Under this initiative, lands have been allocated for corporate farming to the Chinese and Pakistani companies and utilizing modern tools of technologies, of China, these lands will be yielded in the longer interests of Pakistan and for the people of Pakistan.

Chinese companies will also utilize their expertise to enhance average production of crops in Pakistan and joint venture in the area of agriculture will ultimately help out Pakistan and farmers of Pakistan as well as farmers of Pakistan and the exporters of Pakistan to have bumper crops to get export.