Chinese Ambassador presents food supplies to NP chief for flood victims and talks about relations between China and Pakistan

QUETTA, 31 Oct. On Sunday afternoon, Nong Rong, the Chinese ambassador to Pakistan, gave food gifts to Abdul Malik Baloch, the leader of the National Party (NP), for the Balochistan flood victims.

“Held a ceremony for food packs giving to flood-stricken peoples in Balochistan thru NP,” the envoy said in a tweet following the meeting.

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), food assistance, and other topics of shared interest, he continued, were covered at the meeting.

Mir Hammal Kalmati, a member of the Balochistan Assembly, stated on Sunday night that the provincial government had accelerated the development of numerous megaprojects throughout Gwadar, which are anticipated to be finished during the current fiscal year and benefit the local populace of the port city.

According to a statement by Kalmati of the Balochistan National Party (Mengal), a project of Rs. 3.3 billion for the restoration of Gwadar is now underway with cooperation from the federal government. This initiative aims to modernize the city and put an end to the locals’ sense of deprivation.

He said that to provide the greatest medical facilities for the people of Gwadar, the government has increased the 50-bed Pak-China friendship hospital in Gwadar to 150 beds, making it one of the most modern medical facilities.

He said that starting in November of this year, the Indus Facility authority will take charge of the hospital to provide free medical services to the citizens of the port city.

In addition to allocating Rs. 250 million for Gwadar city, Rs. 130 million for Pasni, Rs. 80 million for Jewani, and Rs. 150 million for different infrastructure and development projects in the other locations, Kalmati emphasized that these amounts were all in Pakistani rupees.

He went on to say that the federal government has provided a sum of Rs. 240 million for the construction of dams to supply water to the district’s population and that it is also undertaking several steps to permanently fix the water problem in Gwadar.

He noted that road infrastructure was also being improved to make it simple for local fishermen to go to the port and transport their caught fish to the markets.

To offer immediate comfort to the local population, Kalmati emphasized that the administration has struck a deal with Iran to get an additional 100MW of power for the Makran division.

According to him, the administration was moving to link these communities to the national grid to guarantee a steady, continuous flow of electricity.

Separately, on Sunday afternoon, Mujibur Rehman Qambrani, the director general of the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), stated that the port city can transform not just the lives of those in Balochistan but also those of the rest of the nation.

Qambrani informed us that the purification plant would be completed by March 2023 to use the seawater at the time of low water availability in the dams.

He told the audience that the new Gwadar International Airport would be operational by September 2023.

A detailed presentation was given to businessmen about investment opportunities in Gwadar, and development projects were highlighted therein.

During the interactive session, DGGDA also highlighted the possibilities of joint ventures with local and Chinese companies shortly.